Every wedding is as unique as the couple getting married.

Whilst there are many types of wedding photography and various styles of wedding photography, Simon James Photography believes that every wedding should be captured in a way befitting of the couple and the story they want to tell about their day.

In this article, Simon James writes about the importance of finding the perfect style and locations for the couple.

Wedding Photography in Melbourne - Simon JamesUnique Wedding Photography Starts With The Couple

From the number of guests present to the types of centrepieces that adorn every table, every detail reveals something about the lucky couple, their own remarkable story of romance and the life they will go on to lead.

As a wedding photographer with decades of experience, I have learned that it is getting in touch with these details and having deep conversations with the couple are the key to finding the right style of photography for my clients.

This is particularly important in a day and age where many brides and grooms feel an enormous weight of expectation around the number and type of photos they need from their day.

It’s not uncommon for me to sit with a couple and look at their itinerary for the day and see a massive three-hour gap for photos between the wedding and reception.

When I ask ‘why?’, the answer is all too often, “Well, we thought that’s what you need to get great photos”.

The truth of the matter is that your wedding day is about you – not your wedding photographer.

And whilst I have years of experience capturing weddings and am happy to offer guidance and advice, my job is to understand what’s important to you and capture that.

If you both come from big families and want to ensure you can see that everyone had a great time on your special day, then I’ll focus on that.

If there are particular group shots you need, tell me who and I’ll tell them when and where.

If you’ve spent painstaking hours preparing the unique details of your wedding reception, we’ll ensure it’s all captured in a way that will make you feel as special when you look at your photos for the 100th time as it did to walk into the room on the night.

Melbourne Wedding Photographers - Simon JamesMaking The Most Of The Wedding Environment

Another important aspect of being a professional wedding photographer is being able to make the most of the wedding environment.

If the wedding is happening outdoors and the light isn’t quite where we expected it to be, then that might mean putting the camera down and helping the couple and staff move everything 10 meters to the left to ensure the sunlight is right where we need it.

If a spontaneous dance breaks out in the middle of the dancefloor, it’s about making sure we can be right in the thick of it to capture every drip of emotion in the moment.

Professional Wedding Photography - Simon JamesWedding Photography that is uniquely you

At the end of the day, capturing weddings is the art of capturing the couple who makes them happen.

It’s about telling the story of their love and the day that brings all those that love them together in celebration.

If you are after a wedding photographer that is willing to work with you to capture your special day in a way that is uniquely yours, contact Simon James Photography today.