Let us create imagery you will fall in love with!

We get it.

For some of us, the camera is not a friend.

We cringe at the idea of a forced photo.

We hide in the corner when the photographer lurks.

Trust me, that is all about to change.

On these pages, you are going to learn all about the power of photography, and the way it can create genuine, human connection – even when you are not in the same room as the beholder.

You are going to take a glimpse into the soul of the people we have captured through our lenses over the last 30 years.

And you are going to meet me, Simon James, the man who helps make it happen.

Get Professional Corporate Headshots and More in Melbourne, AU

Whether you need business headshots, a corporate photoshoot, commercial photography, or portrait photography, you need a skilled photographer who can provide professionalism and high-quality results.

Simon James has more than 26 years of experience with clients around the world, making him a highly-sought-after photographer in Melbourne, AU.

His magic touch is his ability to remove all the awkwardness that comes with corporate photoshoots.

With his trademark smile, sense of humour and ability to connect with the people he is photographing, your business will have the best business headshots in the game.


Because your corporate headshots will be filled with genuine smiles, instead of the “I’d literally rather be anywhere else” vibes.

Simon holds his work to the highest standards, capturing perfect shots and utilizing the latest editing techniques to ensure complete satisfaction.

Commercial Photographers with an Eye for Perfection

Whether you need headshot photography or another type of corporate photoshoot, you can count on Simon to provide the commercial photography you require to show your business in the best light.

As a Bayside photographer, he works with hundreds of clients near Melbourne, AU to provide the perfect image for their business, whether that is a headshot photo for employees or commercial photography to attract new visitors to their site. Simon takes a perfectionist approach to his photography to help you make the best impression.

A Portrait Photographer

In addition to business headshots and other corporate photography, Simon is available to hire for a wide range of portrait photography.

Specialising in fine art portraiture and nudes, Simon is passionate about helping his clients capture truly spectacular images that reveal their best self.

Having captured a wide range of wedding and family portraiture, Simon is an accomplished and well-known provider of portrait photography in Melbourne.

Whether you need a photographer to capture those special moments at your wedding or want family, maternity, or newborn photos, you can count on Simon to take a creative yet professional approach. He is dedicated to providing his clients with memories frozen in time.

Contact Simon James to book your appointment for photos that will impress and inspire.