This group photo is of the Hampton Beach Dentists team.
They wanted an image that reflects the business as having individual professional team members that are a part of a close-knit team that are fun friendly and professional.
The old image that they had on their website was not showcasing the feeling that they wanted.
It was just a line of staff members awkwardly standing next to each other.
We created this image which shows them together as a fun team & looking relaxed.
This was easily achieved because I create a fun relaxed atmosphere for the clients I’m photographing.
If you’re needing a professional branding photographer or commercial photographer in Bayside Melbourne please get in touch.
I would love to create a library of images for your business.
Professional Commercial Photographers in Melbourne - Simon James

Let us create imagery you will fall in love with!

We get it.

For some of us, the camera is not a friend.

We cringe at the idea of a forced photo.

We hide in the corner when the photographer lurks.

Trust me, that is all about to change.

On these pages, you are going to learn all about the power of photography, and the way it can create genuine, human connection – even when you are not in the same room as the beholder.

You are going to take a glimpse into the soul of the people we have captured through our lenses over the last 30 years.

And you are going to meet me, Simon James, the man who helps make it happen.

Commercial Photographers with an Eye for Perfection

Whether you need headshot photography or another type of corporate photoshoot, you can count on Simon to provide the commercial photography you require to show your business in the best light.

As a Bayside photographer, he works with hundreds of clients near Melbourne to provide the perfect image for their business, whether that is a headshot photo for employees or commercial photography to attract new visitors to their site. Simon takes a perfectionist approach to his photography to help you make the best impression.

A Portrait Photographer

In addition to business headshots and other corporate photography, Simon is available to hire for a wide range of portrait photography.

Specialising in fine art portraiture and nudes [link to relevant section], Simon is passionate about helping his clients capture truly spectacular images that reveal their best self.

Having captured a wide range of wedding and family portraiture, Simon is an accomplished and well-known provider of portrait photography in Melbourne.

Whether you need a photographer to capture those special moments at your wedding or want family, maternity, or newborn photos, you can count on Simon to take a creative yet professional approach. He is dedicated to providing his clients with memories frozen in time.

Contact Simon James to book your appointment for photos that will impress and inspire.

About Simon James

I started Simon James Photography 30 years ago with the aim of creating imagery that people not only love, but that also conjures emotions, elicits memories, and tells stories.

The power of imagery has never been more apparent than in the current climate, where so often we cannot be in the same room as the people we work with, the people who use or might use our services or the people we love.

As a photographer, my biggest skillset is helping my many satisfied customers (go check out my 50+ five-star Google Reviews) come to love the process of being photographed and in delivering a final product that inspires an emotional response. This brings me so much joy!

My biggest asset is my emotional intelligence. My ability to connect with people in a way that turns being photographed from an anxiety-inducing and unnatural event into an experience that my clients truly relish.

For many, working with a photographer is often an unnatural event. And typically, it feels that way because it is not something you do very often.

However, I believe that my role as a photographer is to strip back that layer of awkwardness and bring to life the real, authentic person in front of the camera.

Browse our collection of photos and contact us today to learn more about our headshots and branding, family and wedding and lifestyle photography.