The incredible advancements in mobile phone photography, coupled with our new working reality that essentially allows anyone to work from anywhere meant that Simon James Photography has had to get creative about the way we capture our clients.

With many of our clients state-wide or even nation-wide in scale, being everywhere at once can be difficult, presenting challenges for our clients who are passionate about achieving a consistent look for their organisation, regardless of staff location.

Of course, in 2022, it’s true for some businesses that they don’t even have a stable office and instead opt for hot-desking at co-working spaces or going completely remote.

This is another factor that can make getting new photos of staff difficult, as there is no set time or place where everyone will be gathered.

So how do we solve these challenges and still provide our clients with the high-quality images they need and deserve?

The answer is remote headshots!

Our remote headshot service is the perfect solution for businesses with virtual or national teams.

Here are three ways remote headshots can help you:

  1. Achieve a consistent look, regardless of staff location
  2. Save costs
  3. An efficient way to get new photos of new staff

Learn more below

Achieving a consistent look

One of the main advantages of using our remote headshot service is that it helps organisations achieve a consistent look, regardless of where their staff are located.

This is because we use the same lighting, backdrop and styling for all of our remote headshots, meaning that whether staff are in Perth, Melbourne or Sydney, they will all have a consistent look.

This is important for businesses who want to maintain a professional and cohesive appearance, regardless of their location.

All we need is a mobile phone and another person on-site to hold the phone!

Save Costs

The cost of hiring a photographer in a different town, city, state and/or country  can quickly add up, making it an unrealistic option for many businesses.

Our remote headshot service is a much more cost-effective solution as it eliminates the need to hire multiple photographers in different locations.

It also saves on travel costs, as our photographer can be based anywhere in Australia and still provide high-quality images for our clients.

An efficient way to get new photos of new staff

Another advantage of our remote headshot service is that it’s an efficient way to get new photos of staff, regardless of their location.

This is especially important for businesses who are in a significant phase of growth and are constantly adding to their team.

Our remote photographer can be on hand quickly and efficiently to arrange for the photos to be taken.

How does it work?

Remote headshots are a simple exercise for experienced photographers with the technology, expertise and – most importantly – communication skills.

For our remote headshot service all we need is a relatively new mobile phone (with an internet connection) and two people.

One person holds the phone, following the guidance of the photographer who will be directing them via video call.

The other person just has to be themselves.

It really is that simple!

Simon James uses the latest technology to take control of your phone, allowing him to see through your phone’s camera lens.

Simon will do everything via remote, select which lens to use and what settings are needed to get the best results as well as coaching the person holding the phone where to stand and the subject on how to position themselves.

Browse some of the samples we have chosen below that have been taken using this very method and contact us today to learn more.